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Slopestyle snowboarder Aimee Fuller is a two-time Olympian who has represented GB at the Sochi and Pyeongchang Olympic Games. A boarder since the age of 12, she was the first woman to land a double backflip and a cab double 900. *High-five!*

As we head into the winter season, the 27-year-old Roxy ambassador lets me quiz her on (amongst other things) strength training, future plans and cycling up Mount Etna.

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You learned to ski from the age of four – at what stage did you discover snowboarding?
I first tried it at the age of eight when visiting my cousins in Toronto, Canada. I didn’t gel with it until four years later age 12.

When you lived in Washington at the age of 12, can you remember how important boarding was to you?
I was always desperate to get on the snow. I lived in Virginia, went to School in DC and used to spend my weekdays at school longing for the weekend and the adventure to the little slopes of Pennsylvania.

When you were growing-up you did motocross and gymnastics. Have the skills you developed for these two sports helped your snowboarding?
100 percent! In motocross the reading of lines, transitions and jumping on the track, mixed with my acquired air awareness from two years of being the elephant at gymnastics aged 10-12, really helped me to build a solid foundation.

Once this year’s winter snow season starts, where will you be based?
I never base in a particular place. Of course, I have my favourites and spend a lot of time at Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl. It’s so easy to get there from London and I love the park vibe and atmosphere!

What kind of physical fitness do you need to be a successful snowboard athlete?
It’s a real mixture of components, from cardio for long days on the hill and your body’s ability to recover quickly, to explosive strength on take-off. Balance and stability on the rails. You really need to have a solid core to deal with the impact [of landing], and good mobility to move around all ranges in the air.

During the off-season what kind of training have you been doing?
This season I’ve been focusing more on mobility in strength, so the mobility and strength at extreme ranges to help prevent injury as well as explosive power to ensure all of that ‘pop’ at take-off.

I saw that you’d cycled up Mt Etna as part of the Giro mini stage series – are you a big cycling fan?  
I love cycling and over the years I have done many sportives. One summer, I cycled over 1000 miles casually in two months. I love setting challenges and the Giro was a really unique opportunity that my sponsor Tag presented and I absolutely loved it.

Slopestyle is an explosive sport. Do you include a lot of plyometrics in your training?
Yes, I do! Plyometrics is really fun. This summer, I have been working with an explosive power guru, James Ralph, and he has introduced me to a lot of techniques to improve power, specifically for my sport. Be sure to check him out: www.instagram.com/@jr_athletesedge!

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Can you share a typical strength training session with us?
Warm-up. Mobility and activation using glute bands. Balance work. Compact lift. Single leg stability awareness. Core stability, including ‘wood chops’; hanging chin-up leg raises, followed by plyometrics. Depending on the session, I will do the plyometrics first.

During winter how much time will you spend on the board each day?
I typically spend around four hours on the board each day.

When you’re out on the slopes, what are your favourite tricks?
A backflip! It’s so fun and one of the best feelings in the world.

You’re often described as fearless – do you ever experience fear doing jumps or challenging tricks?
Fear is a huge factor, but it’s about building things up so the fundamentals are strong, and riding as much as possible, so your confidence matches your ability.

Do you do anything specific to prepare for a big event?
Visualisation, lucky undies, and I sleep in my contest bib.

You’re training to be a yoga teacher. Do you find it complements your boarding?
I practice yoga to help with my mental vision on snow. It’s one place I find my calm, it helps to aid recovery and it’s amazing pre-snowboarding for a warm-up. When I ride, I always do a minimum of 20 minutes of yoga before snowboarding and 30 minutes after.

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What are your favourite items of kit for training and competing?
I love to fuel my body right, so I take up Coco Fuzion coconut water for hydration and always have my pockets stashed with Barebells (protein snacks).

Who are you sponsored by at the moment?
Roxy, Vans, Tag, Coco Fuzion, Barebells, The Snow Centre, and Absolut Park.

What’s next on the horizon for you for the coming season – is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to?
Going to Japan in January, plus the relaunch of my new vlog series, ‘The Fuller Life!’

Aimee Fuller is a professional slopestyle snowboarder sponsored by global action sports brand Roxy.
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Follow Aimee throughout her winter season via her social media accounts: www.instagram.com/aimee_fuller and www.twitter.com/aimee_fuller or by visiting her website, www.aimeefuller.co.uk.