With too much work and too little training recently, my fitness has taken a serious nose-dive. I’m probably the least fit I’ve been in three years. I’ve even been struggling to get a burpees session in. (Unheard of!)

Anyone who knows me, knows that that every six months or so I switch to a different type of sport or fitness. Not intentionally – I’m just a ‘flitter’ and get bored easily. I’ve lost all interest in running, having so much time off and, after seeing the pro women’s cyclists at The Women’s Tour, my attention has turned to cycling.

Blue bike

My whole family are cycle-mad and subscribe heavily to the N+1 rule of bike ownership. In fact, we converted our dining room into a gym to fit them all in. Summer holiday destinations are planned around easy access to big French climbs/cols. In 2015 and 2016 it was Mont Ventoux; this year it’s Col du Tourmalet and Hautacam amongst others. In other words, we’re off to the Pyrenees in August.

So my new project is… Get Bike Fit for Summer!

In fortuitous timing, I’ve just started working with Wattbike as a case study for one of their research projects, so hopefully the by-product of this will be me getting FIT.

Wattbike training machine

In a couple of weeks I’m off to see one of Wattbike’s Sports Scientists who will bike-fit me for my own Planet X road bike, as well as for the Wattbike. He’ll also put me through several evil tests to work out my ‘maximum minute power’ and other important thresholds.

Hopefully I’ll manage not to be sick on the Wattbike!

My new ‘friend’ (a loose term as I predict a love/hate relationship) and I got acquainted on a very sweaty session yesterday. Only downside, besides the amount of sweat? I now know I need new cycling kit. This could turn out to be an expensive project.

I’ll be documenting my training highs and lows on here in the coming weeks, including my tests (eeeeeek.)

Wish me luck…