So, I’ve decided to make it happen: a blog about strong, inspirational women in sport, fitness and adventure (apt that today is International Women’s day). What started as a personal mission to seek out and follow as many badass, sporty women as I can find on social media has blossomed into something bigger and much more exciting.

When I picked up an injury while competing for Team UK at the European Obstacle Course Racing Championship, I went on a mission to find women in all sporting/fitness arenas, across all fitness levels, to help me stay motivated and fit. I wanted a badass attitude to keep me motivated during my 9 months of injury; I wanted badass women to inspire me!

However, my go-to source, Instagram, still left a gap with me wanting to know more: the training, the motivation and the stories behind the amazing adventurers, sports women and ordinary ladies, dedicated and talented, who have badass attitudes to match their badass achievements.

So – ta dah! – Lessons in Badassery the blog was born!

Alongside interviews, I’m hoping to bring you tips, kit recommendations, training advice and event/race recommendations and reviews.

Better dash, I’ve got some amazing women to source 😉