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The Sahara beckons in this four-day, open-water swimming event. The premise? You have four days and four stages to swim the Sahara.

What is Morocco Swim Trek?
It’s a four-day open-water swimming race, set in Morocco. Ignore the word ‘trek’. It’s just swimming!

How does Morocco Swim Trek work?
Each day includes a new open-water swimming stage. Think four days and four stages, each with a different distance and start line. Overall total swim distance: 30km (18.65 miles).

What are the stage distances?
For the 2017 race, the longest swim is on day three. See the schedule below:

November 29 – Stage One, Dragon Island. 6.5km
November 30 – Stage Two, Pearl of Dakhla. 8.5km
December 1 – Stage Three, Pink Floyd Marathon. 10km
December 2 – Stage Four, Nomad Swimmer. 5km

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Where is it?
The 2017 event, which is the third edition of the Morocco Swim Trek, takes place in the lagoon of the city of Dakhla, Morocco.

Where do I sleep?
In a Berber tent. The event is a ‘roving’ race, where you camp where you finish. Today’s finish line then becomes tomorrow’s start line.

What do I wear to swim in?
It’s totally up to you. Swim with or without a wetsuit, goggles and swim cap – there’s a different ranking system for swimmers with wetsuits and swimmers without.

When is it?
The 2017 event takes place across a total of five days, including arrival the day before and departure a day after the event: from November 28 (arrival day) to December 3 (competitors leave), including registration and after-party.

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