Love cycling? Don’t miss a FREE talk next week with the inspiring American cyclist, Ayesha McGowan. Well on her way to achieving her ambition to become the first female African-American professional cyclist, Ayesha is a badass advocate of minorities and women in cycling.

“Representation is important,” says Ayesha, who has spent the last five years working her way up the cycling ranks (she’s currently a category 2 rider). “If I’d seen another black person in cycling when I was a kid, maybe I would have been inspired to get into it sooner.”

As part of her #FoxTrot17 tour, Ayesha is speaking to audiences about her pro ambition, along with her varied cycling experiences. I have no doubt her talks will be inspiring and I’m gutted that I won’t be able to make it to any of the dates myself. However, an interview with Ayesha McGowan is coming soon on Lessons in Badassery. [YESSS!]

See the list of Ayesha’s tour dates below. The events are free, but you still need to book a ticket (follow the links below for more details and timings).

If you’re not already familiar with Ayesha, watch this video for a flavour of her badassery.


 You can follow Ayesha McGowan via her website,, and via and