When she isn’t working on shoots and liaising with brands for her role as art director on Health & Fitness magazine, adventure-loving Lucy Pinto runs a successful personal training business and is co-founder of soon-to-launch boxing-inspired studio, TheBox.

Here, the super-fit 36-year-old runs through her typical day (a casual 200 pull-ups included).

For me, fitness is something everyone should invest in. Of course, you don’t have to enter crazy races or climb mountains but find what makes you tick, build on it and before you realise it, it’s become part of your life and not a chore. Health is wealth after all, so embrace every second!

I’m fortunate enough to take on many adventures due to my job at Health & Fitness magazine. It’s a nice perk but damn, I work hard for it. I’ve cycled some of the best mountains in Switzerland, trained with professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand and hiked the hills in New Zealand, but last year I wanted to do something for myself. I spend pretty much every day looking after other people, making sure they’re happy, which I truly love, but I also realised I needed a little bit of TLC.

After some careful thinking I decided on climbing Mont Blanc. I feel totally free being out in nature, and climbing Mont Blanc helped clear a few things that had been going through my mind about running my own boxing fitness studio. On the trip I turned out to be the only woman with 7 other French men. I’m proud to say that we made it and I enjoyed every second. I now have the Matterhorn calling for me…

MORNING: Workout, PT session and work by 9am
My alarm is set for 5:15am. Depending on my day, I train at home first thing with a 20-minute HIIT session, always with pull-ups thrown in (I’m a firm believer in ‘Use it or lose it’). If I have time, I’ll have a smoothie after – you can’t beat frozen banana, spinach and a good quality protein power, it’s a staple in my morning routine.

Quick shower and I’m ready to train my first PT client for 6am. If the weather is good we train outside. I live right next to the sea in Brighton, which is just amazing for the mind and great motivation, especially in the summer months.

By 9am I’m at my desk ready to start the day job. I’m fortunate enough to work from home 90 per cent of the time. We have an office in Farringdon, but due to my other work we have an agreement that I work from home.

Being art director for Health & Fitness magazine is pretty time consuming as, after countless budget cuts, I am the art department – funnily enough though, since I lost my team I have more time and control which is mainly down to my own time management. I thrive off being busy but if you can’t deliver there is no point. So I make sure I prioritise my day and always write a ‘to-do’ list the night before – nothing is more satisfying ticking things off the list.

My day-to-day work on the magazine ranges from model castings, designing all pages, coming up with original ideas for features and story boarding our fashion and cover shoots.  We shoot our own covers and fashion, which is one of my favourite parts of the job. I get to work with some incredible photographers, stylists and make-up artists. They always inspire me to come up with something new and fresh for the following month. I see the magazine through from beginning to end, being the last person to send it to press.

LUNCHTIME – Teach a class, head for a run or hit the kettlebells
If I’m not teaching classes at GymBox London, I’ll be working from home.
When it comes to lunchtime, I like to get away from my desk and go for a run or do a weight session. I have kettlebells and weights at home so no need to head to the gym.

After a 30-minute sweat session I’ll grab something from the fridge and eat at my desk. Our larder is full of things you can just throw together. I also cook up and freeze batches of good bases like lentils and quinoa, which I can get out the night before, then add home-cooked veggies or a tin of tuna and a poached egg. Voila, you have a healthy balanced meal for next to nothing.

I’m bad when I do go into the office though, and I’m tempted by all the beautiful post-workout smoothies and the boutique lunch venues. Before you know it you’ve spent £15 on a rainbow salad the size of an egg and a smoothie that has more calories than you just burnt at Barry’s Bootcamp, but hey, you can’t always to prep.

If I’m in London for the day I try to combine my office time with PR meetings to chat about the latest sports apparel, food trends and, of course, check out the latest classes that have hit the city. A great perk of the job, we get to see all the weird and wonderful trends come and go. My top 3 places in London are The Foundry for functional strongman training, Barry’s Bootcamp for crazy interval training, and BXR for sparing.

AFTERNOON – Magazine work and PT planning
My afternoon is continued work on the magazine plus planning for my following days’ clients. Checking in with them after sessions is also something I take seriously. It’s not just about training, it’s the whole package. Sometimes being a PT is like being a counsellor, listening and offering advice, but if it means they put in more effort and the fitness side helps them in their everyday life, I’m all ears.

I also like to challenge myself. If that means writing down on my ‘to-do’ list that I’ll complete 200 unaided pull-ups that morning (in the afternoon I’m not that crazy!) or getting back to comfortably sinking into the box splits, then I’ll do it. I’m fascinated by the human body and how much we can push it. Even more so the mind and how we can tweak and retrain it – anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

EVENING: Work on TheBox, my boxing-inspired fitness studio
I rarely train in the evening unless I’ve been on a shoot all day and haven’t managed to get it in during the morning. If I do, I tend to stick with weight-based workouts or if I’m in London you can’t beat Psycle to wash away the day.

I’ll generally be at my desk till gone 8pm working on the magazine, writing nutrition plans for clients and building ideas for TheBox, a new boxing-inspired fitness studio I’m co-launching in Brighton.

The idea came together after I met Helen, a keen boxer and management consultant. We both have a passion for the sport – I’ve had a few amateur fights, and love to teach people the foundations of boxing, bringing elements of it into my clients’ training if it warrants it.

We both had very strong ideas of what we wanted to do so we put a business plan together and ran with it. It’s been a long year planning and trying to find the right premises but we’re due to open spring 2018 and I cannot wait (follow @theboxbrighton for more details.)

Dinner time
I tend to cook all the meals in our house but it’s always something simple such as cod with roasted vegetables, or salmon noodles with fresh ginger and chilli broth, which is a firm favourite in the winter.

My partner, Giles, and I try and have an hour to relax before we hit the bedroom, where we watch mindless TV or catch up on SAS Who Dares Wins, or a gripping drama. We head to bed around 11pm, but I’m the worst sleeper so this year I’m trying to focus on more areas of my life where I can channel my energy and wandering mind.

I find the Headspace app really great and if the wind is in the right direction I can hear the waves from our apartment, which always helps for a better night’s sleep – thank you, nature.

You can follow Lucy via social media on www.instagram.com/iamlucypinto and via her website, www.simplybefit.com. For news about her boxing-inspired fitness studio, TheBox, follow www.instagram.com/theboxbrighton.