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She’s one of the biggest names in a sport where running a full marathon comes after an epic swim and bike, so it’s no surprise that Ironman triathlete, Lucy Charles,loves the painof pushing herself to the limits . But with three sports to juggle what does her running look like?

Here, the Zwifter and world number two answers five quick-fire questions about her triathlon run training.

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#1. How important is it for you to maintain good running form as a triathlete?
It’s important to reinforce good run form in training, particularly when you’re tired. If you can have good form when tired, you have more chance of running with good form at the end of an Ironman marathon. This could be the difference between 1st and 10th place at the top level.

#2. Tell us about your treadmill sessions – do you really enjoy them? 
I love the treadmill for interval run sessions, which typically include incline reps of 2 minutes working hard, with 60 seconds rest. I’m yet to try Zwift Run but I’m hopeful this will transform my running as it has my cycling!

#3. What kind of speed work do you do in training?
I have ‘Track Tuesday’ which is usually around 4-5km of speed intervals with my running club, the Orion Harriers. It’s my shortest session of the week, but one of the most painful. Definitely a favourite weekly session as I get to train with a group of great athletes.

#4. Do you do any hill running as part of your training?
Yes, I will normally do a hill reps session weekly, either outdoors or on the treadmill. Usually 10 reps of 2 minutes. I find this effective for building strength and endurance.

#5. Do you do any strength training for your running?
Yes, I do a lot of stability and strength work. Normally squats, lunges and balance work.

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