They may call it a Picnic, but this is no walk in the park. Bike 23 miles, swim 1.3 miles, hike 3 miles and climb 6,000 feet straight up. Then eat a donut. Turn around. Do it in reverse. Before Kelly Halpin tried the Grand Teton triathlon she had no idea what she was capable of. Now she does.This amazing short premiered at the 5Point Adventure Film Festival last weekend. Now it is live for your enjoyment. Watch it here.

Posted by REI on Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Check out this stunning short film which follows cool mountain endurance athlete, Kelly Halpin (interview coming soon!), as she attempts ‘The Picnic’ – aka The Grand Teton Triathlon, in Jackson, Wyoming.

Kelly was the first woman to complete the challenge (dubbed an epic sufferfest) self-supported, swimming 2.6 miles across Jenny lake in the pitch black, cycling 42 miles then hiking and climbing 20 miles to the 12,000ft-high summit of Grand Teton. And then doing the whole thing in reverse as part of the challenge.

On a separate note, how stunning is the scenery? My wishlist of destinations is growing rapidly…